A simple cremation is the most affordable option for disposition today. It involves the direct cremation of a body within days of passing without the expense of a traditional funeral service. Traditional funerals typically include a visitation, a funeral service, and a graveside service, all of which require the services of a funeral director, staff, multiple vehicles, facilities, and set-up. These factors lead to a much higher cost that can be avoided with simple cremation.

Some of the main differences between a simple cremation and a traditional funeral include:

  • Simple cremation requires only the services of a crematory, rather than the facilities of a traditional funeral home. This can save you a significant amount of money.
  • The body is cremated immediately after death in a simple cremation, so there is no embalming cost for viewings, visitations, wakes, and other services.
  • The cremains are returned to you in a temporary urn, eliminating the high cost of a casket. 
  • You have the flexibility of foregoing traditional funeral arrangements and their costs, and can hold a memorial service or celebration of life service later, if you wish.
  • Instead of being limited to interment, a simple cremation offers numerous options for being laid to rest, including burial, a shared mausoleum, niches, or scattering the ashes. 

With none of the additional frills of a traditional funeral, a simple cremation offers a respectful service at a fraction of the cost. Your options are no longer limited to traditional funeral home expenses. Please call Athens Cremation Services at 706-769-5689 for assistance.