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Leave memories behind, not funeral expenses.

Simple Cremation $1,695

Our simple cremation package offers families a flexible, simplified service at an affordable price with no additional frills or hidden expenses. From filing the death certificate to providing affordable urn options, Athens Cremation Services will personally care for every step of the cremation process. 

Package Includes:

  • Removal
    (within 25 miles, additional cost for further distances)
  • Cremation
  • Temporary Urn
  • Filing Death Certificate

Additional packages available. Contact us for more information.

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Athens Cremation Services is a modern-day alternative to the traditional funeral service. We offer simple cremation services at an affordable price with no additional frills or expenses, giving families the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one in a more economical way.

Our simple cremation service is exactly as it sounds. There are no hidden fees, unnecessary extravagance, or overwhelming amounts of paperwork. Our licensed professionals have years of experience in cremation services and work on your behalf to simplify a necessary process during an already stressful time.

At Athens Cremation Services, we will personally care for each step of the cremation process, including filing the death certificate and offering affordable urn options. We value each family that chooses us to assist in their time of loss and are proud to offer a service that simplifies instead of complicates.

Helpful Information

Click here to review some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cremation. Our licensed professionals have years of experience in the cremation industry and are happy to answer any of your questions regarding the process.

A simple cremation is the most affordable option for disposition today. It involves the direct cremation of a body within days of passing without the expense of a traditional funeral service. Traditional funerals typically include a visitation, a funeral service, and a graveside service, all of which require the services of a funeral director, staff, multiple vehicles, facilities, and set-up. These factors lead to a much higher cost that can be avoided with simple cremation.